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Want to to make high-quality insulation? Looking for sandwich panels at cheap price? Hob price. Welcome to site! For you here are extensive range of sandwich panels of different types and manufacturers. You can choose to purchase needed number of building material online. PVC panel for bathroom photos. Prices is full of surprises and promotions and some of terms and conditions of sale, the fulfillment of which entitles you to a discount, will appreciate even more!

Different sandwich panel

The popularity of sandwich panels

Today in the construction of welcome the speed and quality. Therefore, the building materials, which help much to accelerate the process of building very in demand. It as such material and are sandwich panels. With their help accomplished the construction of prefabricated buildings and structures different purposes. Sandwiche panel for house construction. Usually, they lined profile sheet metal. Due to the presence of locking coupling system have such sandwich panels have the ability to assemble together. Besides, if necessary, building of the sandwich panels can be disassembled and transported.

It's very profitable in the construction of temporary structures that have a wide range of applications. With the help of sandwich panels other species is warming and finishing of the buildings of the of various materials. They are excellent heat and sound insulating layer. Bath of sandwich panels. Ideal use is execution interior partitions. Using sandwich panels you can do this quickly and conveniently.

Types of sandwich panels

Sandwich panel today are very popular building insulation. This is largely due to their outstanding characteristics, large number of types and methods of application. So, there are wall and roof sandwich panels. The construction of the garage from sandwich panels. In turn in each species there are varieties, depending on what is used as filler and top layers. The most purchased sandwich panels with a filler in the form of mineral wool. They have great Soundproofed, great at keeping you warm, not deformed under the influence of various temperatures, chemicals. Sandwiche panel installation. Made from natural material, the mineral wool is completely environmentally friendly insulation, perfectly workable. Significant disadvantages include excessive weight sandwich panels with mineral wool and the ability of fibers to penetrate the skin. Therefore, working with such materials need professional equipment and special protection. The analogue of the mineral filler in sandwich panels is fiberglass. It is much stronger and lighter, which increases the durability of the product and its usability. Acoustic and thermal insulation both of the described type are about the same level. Sandwich panels with glass wool not resistant to increased temperature, moisture and wind.

Sandwich panels with polystyrene foam are not inferior to the previous one variant of thermal insulation and sound insulation boards. At the same time they much easier. However, because of the ability to fire and destruction under the influence of direct sunlight, these sandwich panels not to call perfect. The most low thermal conductivity have a panel with polyurethane foam. Such material can protect your building from moisture, because almost 99% of pores in its structure are closed. Sandwich panel with such a filler eco-friendly, elastic, durable, not deformed by thermal, chemical, and biological effects. But the contents they are easy to is subjected to burning. Hob price. And the price is very high. Are there sandwich panel that combines resistance to fire due to the mineral wool and the quality of insulation polystyrene foam. This kind is called a combination. As facing of the material in sandwich panels using paper, plaster, metal and vinyl sheets as well as plates of wood, such as plywood panels, wood-chip and cement-strojenie plate. Panel with DSP, fiberboard, drywall, paper used for internal insulation as lining materials not resistant to moisture. But the options with a metallic coating can be used for finishing structure is outside. Sandwich panel with PVC frequently used as the slope during the installation of Windows and doors.

  1. Fill in application
  2. Select the sandwich panel
  3. You call seller to confirm your request
  4. Buy more suitable way and get the product
Sandwich panels large

As purchase a sandwich panel?

Buy sandwich panels without leaving the table, after placing the order directly on your computer. You need to arrange posted on the website of the application online. It it is important to accurately report their data for feedback. Inform the form of sandwich panels, their number and color. Sell sandwich panel. The site automatically calculate the cost of your purchase with the discount and show you the final amount for payment. You will call consultant for the sale of sandwich panels to confirm the order and clarify details. Successful buy!

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